"Never doubt that
a small group
of committed
citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is
the only thing
that ever has."

        Margaret Mead
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MFSA lives our belief that
to be faithful witnesses to
the Gospel of Jesus Christ
is to be
involved in
the transformation of
the social order.

Our Four Areas of Priority Are:
• Peace     • Poverty 
• People's Rights     
• Progressive Initiatives
    Founded in 1907, MFSA has been an irrepressible force in Methodism for over 100 years. In that time, just a few of the Federation’s long list of actions and achievements include:
+ providing unparalleled support throughout the last century for the labor movement;

+ leading the struggle for United Methodist divestment from South Africa;

+ consistent and unswerving support for the ordination of women and the removal of all gender discrimination in our church;

+ continuing dedication to the
elimination of racism and ethnic discrimination in the UMC;

+ landmark documented publications
of the Far Right's influence in the church;

+ rallying United Methodists throughout the Connection to counter that influence;

+ determination to protect our church's support for reproductive choice;

+ championing the cause of full inclusion for LGBT individuals in the life of the United Methodist Church; and

+ providing a clarion call for the UMC to take concrete action for a just peace in Palestine and Israel, such as selective divestment by the UMC Board of Pensions.

MFSA mobilizes all its resources to make a major impact every four years at the denomination's General Conference and Jurisdictional Conferences, the bodies that determine the future direction of the United Methodist Church.

    MFSA works often through the ministries of the United Methodist Church, supporting and augmenting peace and justice UMC ministries in the local church, annual conferences, and at the national level.

    However, MFSA is not an official UMC body - we are are not funded by the United Methodist Church. We are supported entirely by annual memberships and the contributions of concerned faith activists.

    Because we are an independent organization, we can call our church to expand its understanding of the radical call of the Gospel to be the inclusive, justice-seeking, risk-taking Body of Christ.

    We also take action on issues and initiatives that are beyond the scope of the church's ministries, providing an irreplaceable voice for our United Methodist members in numerous ecumenical and interfaith coalitions and campaigns.

The Cal-Pac MFSA Affiliate

      Our regional affiliate of MFSA is one of the strongest and most active in the nation.

    Every June at the University of Redlands campus, Cal-Pac MFSA has a major role at the California-Pacific Annual Conference session, advocating for ministries and legislation that will promote the causes of peace and justice in our conference and throughout the church. 

    In recent years, just a few of the many resolutions we authored and/or helped to pass have achieved:

 - a significant effect on the outcome of our state budget, according to the ecumenical church advocacy organization in Sacramento, California Church IMPACT: California's State Budget Is A Moral Document

 - Cal-Pac Conference support for the work of Sandra Olewine in Jerusalem, and for the cause of selective divestment to accomplish a just peace in Palestine and Israel

 - official opposition by the Cal-Pac Conference to the 'California Marriage Protection Amendment,' Prop 8: Protecting Marriage Equality

 - encouragement and community support for clergy and congregations who embrace and endorse the marriages of same-sex couples in their midst: Affirming Marriage Equality and Pastoral Response to Legality of Same-Gender Marriage in CA

    Also at Annual Conference sessions, Cal-Pac MFSA has repeatedly and successfully endorsed progressive Cal-Pac delegates to Western Jurisdictional Conference and to General Conference.

    Every four years, Cal-Pac MFSA sends many volunteers to General Conference to work as advocates on crucial social justice legislation and ministries for the global United Methodist Church. Visit our General Conference pages to read more about MFSA's church- and world-changing work and to see photos from General Conference 2008 in Fort Worth, Texas.

    2007 was a landmark year for MFSA, and nowhere more than in the Cal-Pac Conference!  In conjunction with the theme of the 2007 session - "Born to be Peacemakers" - the California-Pacific Annual Conference celebrated the 100th anniversary of America's first Social Creed and the centennial birthday of MFSA, whose founders wrote that groundbreaking document. 

See more details of Cal-Pac MFSA's activities at MFSA Priorities>>

Read more about the history of the Social Creed>>


Now in our second century of social action,        MFSA is blessed with:

- Regional affiliates in 35 Annual Conferences (and more in development today),

- a modestly sized, yet strong national network of supporters,

- our experienced national staff and dedicated board of directors,

- an engaged, grass-roots Program Council,

- motivated young adult leaders ready to carry the work into our second century

- an illustrious 103-year history in the church,

- the experience our history provides in speaking truth to power and accomplishing transformation,

- demonstrated ability to transform both church and society according to God's vision for our world,

              and, for all of those reasons,

- the respect and appreciation of laity and clergy across the Connection.

Think about joining MFSA

    Our national organization is supported only by the donations of our members. Eighty percent of those donations to Cal-Pac MFSA are allocated to national MFSA for their vital coordination of all our activities in the UMC and beyond (unless specially designated otherwise).

    Our numbers are not vast, but our impact on the church today is quite powerful. With your help, we will continue to expand our work - to renew the Methodist heritage of social transformation, to hasten the realization of God's kin_dom of justice, compassion, unity and peace. Get involved in the transformation. Get into MFSA today

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