"The Gospel of
Christ knows
no religion
but social,
no holiness but
social holiness.

You cannot
be holy except
as you are
in making
the world
a better place."

John Wesley
A prophetic witness to the
Christian gospel for 51
Protestant and Orthodox
judicatories in 21

We advocate for those who can't afford high-priced lobbyists: low-income mothers, hungry children, the elderly.

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justice in the state of California.
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A broad range of social action for your consideration:
only those so specified are sponsored or endorsed by MFSA.

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MFSA is a partner in Creating A Culture of Peace (CCP),
a nonviolence training program for personal and social change.

This innovative national training program provides a holistic and practical foundation in spiritually-grounded active nonviolence. Participants come to recognize their own power for making personal and social changes without violence and improve their skills for respectful engagement with opponents, instead of confrontation that polarizes and demonizes. 

Unlike trainings that focus only on anti-war protest, Creating a Culture of Peace training is an incubator for participants to raise issues which most concern them — group controversy and conflict, neighborhood violence, domestic violence, climate change, war and militarism, discrimination, video games, homelessness, peace education, and lack of health care.

Creating a Culture of Peace is offered in communities across the country and at Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center in Bangor, PA.  Janet Chisholm, who established and coordinates CCP, refers trainers and provides resources, materials, and consultation for community groups and the teams of trainers.

- To schedule a workshop contact Janet Chisholm at janetc@kirkridge.org or 610-588-1793.
- You can also email the National MFSA office at mfsa@mfsaweb.org to find out about specific United Methodist and/or MFSA training events.
- Read more about the program at http://www.creatingacultureofpeace.org.
- Click here to download a pdf of the Creating a Culture of Peace Brochure.

Peace Kids and The Youth Leadership Academy in Peacemaking
Excellent opportunities to educate a new generation of peacemakers - presented by the Peace Center at United University Church. 
New semester begins Saturday, Jan 30th. For children and youth, ages 5-18.  Learn more>>
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International Day of Peace
and Day of P
rayer for Peace:  Plan a simple or elaborate, large or small peace event for yourself, your family, your church, or your community.

Learn more about this annual event and many ways you can celebrate it:  learn more>>

(formerly CPWI: Christian Peace Witness for Iraq)

MFSA is a partner organization in Christian Peace Witness:

A Call to the Christian Community
• end the war and occupation in Iraq responsibly and completely
• support an Iraqi-led international effort to rebuild Iraq and care for five   
  million Iraqis displaced due to the war

• support our troops by bringing them home safely and providing for
  physical, mental and spiritual healing

• end all use of torture of any person held anywhere
• promote regional stability through diplomacy with Iran and Afghanistan
• work for peace and justice in Iraq and security and well-being at home

Led by faith to peace
   1. Our witness will be grounded in worship and scripture and be dependent on the movement of God's Holy Spirit as we work together for the creation of the “beloved community.”
   2. We will intentionally and consistently link public witness, worship and advocacy.
   3. We will boldly affirm the best of our Christian tradition while we reach out to those of other faiths.
   4. All participants will commit to the principles of nonviolence in our work together.
   5. We will be hopeful and respectful, accentuating the transforming power of God's love while prophetically speaking truth to power.
   6. We will be a movement of volunteers, a growing community of sisters and brothers and partner organizations, expanding the faith-based movement of peacemakers to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and to stand against violence in our communities.

As a Moral Document, the
California State Budget  fails badly.

Our governor and our legislators need to hear from people of faith that our society must protect the most vulnerable in our communities - children, the elderly, sick and disabled persons - we cannot solve our budget problems at their expense
Take action with the California Coucil of Churches, a leading faith advocate for those most in need in California - click here.

LAANE is a leading advocacy organization dedicated to building a new economy for all. Combining dynamic research, innovative public policy and the organizing of broad alliances, LAANE promotes a new economic approach based on good jobs, thriving communities
and a healthy environment.

LAANE’s work cannot happen without the support of activists who share our commitment.  LAANE’s efforts to build a new economy for all span many of the region’s largest industries, from hospitality, construction and grocery to ports and airline services, which together encompass hundreds of thousands of jobs. A few of their campaigns:

• Support Good Jobs for Long Beach Hotel Workers
• Show Your Support for Good Jobs in Our Port Communities!
• Support Hilton LAX Hotel Workers
There are several ways you can take action, both online and in person.
Visit their website to learn more:  www.laane.org

A critical component of each project is the role of faith leaders. Our key partner in this work is Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles (CLUE).

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, LA chapter, is an interfaith association of over 600 religious leaders throughout Los Angeles              www.cluela.org
County who come together to respond to the crisis of the working poor.

CLUE partners with activist unions and community organizations to increase workers' capacity to impact their employers, to attain worker-friendly public policies and to pressure commercial/industrial developers to agree to a community benefits package in exchange for permits and subsidies.

CLUE's Unique Contribution - We bring three essential assets to the broad-based collaborations which advance economic justice:

• Our Religious Constituency, some of the largest organized institutions in our society.

• Our Capacity to Inspire and Support:  Religious leaders can act as "chaplains on the field of battle," encouraging workers to remember their deepest values and providing emotional/spiritual support.

Our Capacity to Build Community Support: Workers need community support in order to create change.
     Religious leaders break down the barrier to community involvement by asserting that these struggles raise questions of justice that impact the quality of our community and concern us all.  
      Religious leaders' integrity also enables us to unveil the lies of the powerful and communicate the truth to the general community.
Learn more and support the work of CLUE-LA:  www.cluela.org

World Food Day is
October 16
, but the need
continues all year long!

There are numerous activities and programs that you can support, or you may use in raising awareness about this most essential human need, throughout the year.  Learn more>



True reform of our health insurance system: affordable healthcare, accountability for insurance companies, and more.

What our nation needs, to be sure that every child and adult has access to essential health services.

Click here to learn more...


was founded for two reasons
-- To help build a more collaborative infrastructure among the various faith groups working for reform.

-- To connect current research in values-based messaging with faith teachings to help move the health care reform agenda beyond the issues that have resulted in political deadlock.

Our Mission
Faithful Reform in Health Care will:
-  expand the depth and breadth of support for health care reform within the religious community
-  educate people of faith about the issue and
-  activate the prophetic voice to promote affordable health care for all in the United States as a moral value.

A two-page document for you to read and to use:
"A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care" - an in-depth and inspiring statement and commitment form.
Download it here>

"Moral Vision in the Health Care Reform Bills"
is a resource from Faithful Reform, and reflects upon current health care reform legislation through the lens of faith values and principles of justice, an excellent 14-page document. 

      This resource, based on "A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care," focuses on how the legislation moves us toward a health care system that is inclusive, affordable, accessible, and accountable. It is written to help people of faith move beyond partisan debate to thoughtful dialogue about health care reform.  Download it here>

Learn much more about this important interfaith movement for health care reform in the US: www.faithfulreform.org


California OneCare is an online organizing network that exists to activate and empower people like you into a grassroots and netroots movement for universal health care in California.

We support a single payer system that will deliver comprehensive health care to all residents of the state, and that allows consumers to have input into the system and full access to the information that affects their health or choice of providers.

Our vision is a health care system where every child and every adult receives the health care they need, when they need it, and at a cost that is affordable. Join the California OneCare Campaign and help to make this vision our reality.

Learn more:  www.californiaonecare.org

From California Church of Churches, re:
California's movement
for universal healthcare

in our state:
learn more...

"Being the Good Samaritan:
Health Care Access for All Californians"

A Study Guide for Congregations

A 52-page resource for groups to study and discuss the timely issue of universal health care from a faith perspective, brought to you by the California Council of Churches.
Visit their website to read about this issue
and to download the Guide: http://www.calchurches.org/1-health-care.html

MFSA is a member of the

At the NRCAT website:
Find and use NRCAT's many resources for remembering the
Anniversary of 9/11

Ending Torture in US Prisons: NRCAT has initiated efforts to address the use of torture in U.S. prisons, with particular emphasis on the widespread use of long-term isolation. Join them in calling for an end to the use of prolonged solitary confinement.

The Department of Health and Human Services declined to investigate the CIA’s alleged torture experiments. Join NRCAT in urging the President and the Attorney General to ensure a thorough investigation of the allegations.

An impartial, nonpartisan, and independent Commission of Inquiry is needed to seek the full truth about U.S. torture policies and practices since 9/11. Endorse the Call for a Commission of Inquiry.

NRCAT's campaign, called "Preventing Torture Everywhere," to urge President Obama to sign a new treaty to help end torture. The treaty, called the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT), requires participating nations to create mechanisms to prevent torture from occurring in detention centers, police stations, mental health hospitals, and prisons. It also permits international experts to inspect those facilities. 60 nations have ratified OPCAT and 21 additional nations have signed it.

Learn more about this powerful faith coalition: www.nrcat.org


California People of Faith Against the Death Penalty

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty works to educate and mobilize faith communities to act to abolish the death penalty in California.

CPF is a statewide interfaith organization. We reach out to all citizens regardless of faith, race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, income, political affiliation, age or ability.

We work with faith communities across California, taking on serious questions from the points of view of the community, victims and offenders. We are deeply disturbed by violent crime and by the suffering of its victims and their families. We work closely with Murder Victims Families for Human Rights and Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation. We recognize and remember the victims.

As people of faith, we believe that the God/Wisdom of all faiths calls us to something more: a high and often difficult standard of love and forgiveness and justice that is rooted not in retribution but rather in redemption and restoration. The death penalty denies the sacredness of human life. Spiritually, the death penalty robs us all.


At the website, you will find many resources regarding the death penalty, information on local chapters in California, statements and information from a vast range of faith communities, current news on the death penalty and several levels of action you can take to get involved: whether you have just a few minutes or more time to give.

Visit the website of California People of Faith Against the Death Penalty:  http://www.californiapeopleoffaith.org/

In October 2009, the American Law Institute, (www.ali.org) the group that had provided the model death penalty legal code used by most states, announced there was no workable death penalty system.  The Institute voted to repudiate its own structure "in light of the current intractable institutional and structural obstacles to ensuring a minimally adequate system for administering capital punishment." 

A New York Times article published January 2010 is bringing new attention to this decision. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/05/us/05bar.html

That attention is welcomed by the
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, who notes the Times author's description of the move as a "tectonic shift in legal theory."  Several editorials published recently in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Salina Journal (Kansas), and Birmingham News also serve as positive signs for the future of the movement.

See what's in the news and learn about the work of this organization that is "Devoted to Abolishing Capital Punishment" : www.ncadp.org

If you would like to be in touch with a leader in Cal-Pac MFSA about advocacy work on immigration issues, please contact Jeanne Roe Smith, at sstrjeen@hotmail.com

Get to know and get involved with the

   Cal-Pac Immigration Task Force  

Established in 2009 and working on several projects this year:

» Celebrating the DREAM Sabbath in your church

» Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation

» Neighborhood Legal Clinic on two dates this year in Los Angeles

Connect with them on Facebook:


Learn more at our site >>

You might also find helpful our RESOURCES ON IMMIGRATION ISSUES page for documents, websites and more, all about offering kindness and hospitality to everyone in our midst, the values that guide compassionate immigration legislation, and action to help our nation uphold these values. Resources from the UMC, Interfaith Immigration, Interfaith Worker Justice, and a variety of others.
     Explore resources from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition that you may find useful for your congregation, to hold your own prayer vigil. Immigration Prayer Vigil Resources>>


The United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force seeks to promote peace, justice and reconciliation in the Holy Land through prayer, study, giving, engagement, and advocacy.

That mission is realized through two major areas of work: (1) to educate and (2) to advocate:

(1) Raise awareness and understanding among United Methodists regarding the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land, its importance to us as Christians and - for those in the United States - as Americans, the role we can have in helping to achieve a peaceful and just solution for Palestinians and Israelis, and the urgent need for united action today.

    The task force's educational work includes information about the history of the region and of the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, the major obstacles to a peaceful resolution of that conflict, human rights issues and questions of international law, personal perspectives from a broad spectrum of religious and political figures, the published statements of global churches and the United Nations, and more.

(2) Mobilize clergy and laity of the United Methodist Church in powerful, united advocacy for a just and peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Learn much more about the Israel-Palestine conflict, from basic history to current events and commentary, at: www.umhltf.org

United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) is a global peace movement in the United Methodist church answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians ~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

With advocates in dozens of annual conferences, UMKR mobilizes United Methodists in five primary areas of action:
• Divestment from the Israeli occupation
• Boycotting products from the illegal Israeli settlements
• Working for change of U.S. Policy on Israel/Palestine
• Educating United Methodists about Israel/Palestine
• Promoting responsible tourism for United Methodists visiting Israel/Palestine.

Learn more about this exciting movement and get involved:

MFSA is a coalition member of:

This campaign aims to "end US policies that sustain Israel's occupation of Palestine and deny equal rights for all."

Boycott & Divestment  -  In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call to the world to apply boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it upheld international law. There are many ways you can support this important tool for justice for the people of Palestine, learn more>>

Challenging U.S. Policy  -  Congress plays a crucial role in maintaining and promoting US diplomatic, economic, and military support of Israel's occupation of Palestine. US citizens must let their Members of Congress know that they want them to pursue a balanced foreign policy that will end the occupation and establish of a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  Learn more>>

More on Advocacy in DC:  http://endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=2497

Standing Against Apartheid  -  As the Israeli “matrix of control” tightens its grip on the occupied Palestinian territories, with peoples and land separated by the separation wall barriers, settler-only roads, and tunnels, it is impossible to ignore the apartheid nature of Israel’s occupation. Palestinian citizens of Israel face some 20 laws that discriminate against them, much as Black Americans had been treated during the Jim Crow era. Learn more>>

Commemorating the Nakba  -  2008 marked the 60th anniversary of the Nakba (“Catastrophe,” in Arabic): the dispossession and forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their ancestral land before and during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.  Learn more>>


CMEP is a coalition of 23 public policy offices of national churches and agencies -- Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant.  CMEP began its work in 1984 out of the conviction that the policy perspectives and long Middle East experience of our member bodies should be more widely known in the public policy arena.  We therefore seek to maintain an on-going dialogue with Congress, the Administration and the diplomatic community, to advance such concerns, assessments, and advocacy positions.

The work of Churches for Middle East Peace focuses on Washington in the knowledge that sound United States policy is crucial to achieving and maintaining just and stable relationships throughout the Middle East. In addition, CMEP seeks to help the members of our organizations advocate in a knowledgeable, timely and effective way their concerns about justice and peace for all people and countries in the region.

Among their principal advocacy concerns are: the avoidance and resolution of armed conflicts, human rights, arms control, foreign aid, and the unique nature of Jerusalem - sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Learn about their faith-based advocacy for a just peace in Palestine and Israel: www.cmep.org

A valuable website, created in the Cal-Pac conference:
The Congregational Carbon Footprint

- helps you and your congregation calculate your carbon footprint
- provides you with resources to reduce and pay to offset
your carbon dioxide emissions. 
- helps you learn more about climate change and greenhouse gases
- keeps you up to date on the latest climate change legislation and news.

America faces unprecedented economic, national security and environmental challenges. The solution – transition to clean, renewable energy.
    Repower America grew from the momentum of Al Gore's film and his organizing work. Now it includes more than 5 million supporters calling for clean energy and climate policies that will create millions of jobs, make us energy independent and solve the climate crisis.
    Today Repower America is asking for help with The Clean Air Act with is under attack. Learn more and take action at repoweramerica.org


In a statement that says, “We cannot help the world until we change our way of being in it,” the bishops of The United Methodist Church announced a significant call to all United Methodists, ecumenical and inter-religious partners and people of goodwill around the world. The pastoral letter titled "God's Renewed Creation" was adopted in November 2009, and recommended for use during Advent. But we provide it here for the power of its content and for use throughout the year in UMC churches and beyond.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the Bishops' Pastoral Letter:

God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action
A Pastoral Letter from the Council of Bishops
of The United Methodist Church

God's creation is in crisis. We, the Bishops of The United Methodist Church, cannot
remain silent while God's people and God's planet suffer. This beautiful natural world is a loving gift from God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen. God has entrusted its care to all of us, but we have turned our backs on God and on our responsibilities. Our neglect, selfishness, and pride have fostered: 
- pandemic poverty and disease; 
- environmental degradation, and 
- the proliferation of weapons and violence.
Despite these interconnected threats to life and hope, God?s creative work continues. Despite the ways we all contribute to these problems, God still invites each one of us to participate in the work of renewal. We must begin the work of renewing creation by being renewed in our own hearts and minds. We cannot help the world until we change our way of being in it.

Download the entire Letter (pdf, 6pp)
Download the Foundation Document for this letter (pdf, 25pp)


The General Board of Church & Society, UMC invites others to
work with them
which includes such basic issues as: asking who is responsible for the offense, who have they wronged, and how can that wrong be made right. For restorative justice, accountability is more important than punishment, and restoration is something to be experienced by all involved. 
GBCS works in several coalitions on these criminal justice issues. Learn more >>



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