Whatcha doing  June 16 - 19?  If you said nothing, do we have opportunities for you!  June 16 - 19 is our California-Pacific Annual Conference meeting at Redlands.  At Annual Conference this year there are so many opportunities to do the work of helping build the kin-dom of Justice and Peace, from volunteering to voting!  

This annual conference is critically important. We will be making decisions that will affect not only our churches, but our communities and our world. Our resolutions will enable us to be more effective as we seek to be the hands, mind and heart of Jesus in the world today. We will be electing General Conference delegates who will make theological and moral decisions about the UMC.

MFSA has reserved the Oche Tamale Room for Dinner time on Wednesday and Saturday, and lunch on Friday (bring your own food) for strategizing and otherwise communicating. Of course, you can also reach us at the MFSA booth.

Come join us at Redlands - even if only for a little while.

Moving forward in justice within the UMC, and though the UMC to the world,  

Janet Gollery McKeithen, President
California-Pacific Chapter
Methodist Federation
for Social Action


We hope to hear from you soon about getting involved with MFSA and our presence for justice at Annual Conference.

For Food Booth and Book Tables Information, please contact Susan Stouffer -
or 213-748-0209. 

For help with and questions about legislation,
please contact Mary Larson

To reserve tickets for the Annual Luncheon, call Theresa Basile at 323-253-9087, or email to

For general questions and offers of help to MFSA, contact Janet McKeithen -
Annual Conference 2008


Click here to see the candidates endorsed by Cal-Pac MFSA
for election as delegates to General Conference
and Western Jurisdictional Conference 2012.
Download the MFSA slate of candidates

downoad all Cal-Pac MFSA resolutions in one pdf document (20pp, 235K)

You can read online each of the following resolutions
that Cal-Pac MFSA has submitted to the Cal-Pac Annual Conference 2011:

Resolution 11-6      Saying No to Nuclear Weapons  
Read it   
Resolution 11-7     
Pastor's Authority in Affirming Readiness for Church Membership   
Read it    
Resolution 11-8      Nurturing Relationships     
Read it    
Resolution 11-9      Interfaith Advocacy in Support of Israel/Palestine   
Read it     
Resolution 11-10    Human Sexuality  
Read it     

Resolution 11-11    End Discrimination Against Homosexual Clergy
Read it     
Resolution 11-12    Death with Dignity
Read it     
Resolution 11-13    Bullying as a Form of Violence
Read it   
Resolution 11-14    Academic Freedom
Read it     
Resolution 11-15    A Call for Peacemaking
Read it    

For questions about legislation, please contact Mary Larson
The Annual Mildred Hutchinson
Award Luncheon

First UMC of Redlands
1 E. Olive Ave.
Redlands, CA
Saturday, June 18th, at noon

MFSA members: $15    Non-members: $20
For tickets: MFSA tables at Annual Conference,
or email:
or call: 323-253-9087, leave a message with name and how many tickets

This year, at our annual luncheon in Redlands, we are enormously pleased to welcome the recent honoree at CLUE-LA's "Giants of Justice" Breakfast, the Rev. Jim Conn.
Conn will be speaking to our progressive Cal-Pac community from a lifetime of leading political and social transformation in the arenas of California politics, interfaith advocacy, and the United Methodist Church.  Read more below about his surprising scope and wealth of experience.

Come to hear Jim's perspective on current social justice advocacy - "Revival, Survival or What?" - join in the presentation of the Mildred Hutchinson Justice Award and the Bert All Reconciling Ministries Award, and enjoy the fellowship with progressive UMs in the Cal-Pac conference.
Buy your tickets at the MFSA tables and booth: on the University of Redlands campus, across the road from the front steps of The Chapel, where the AC plenary sessions are held.

You can email us to reserve your tickets:
Please put "Luncheon Tickets" in the subject line of your email.
You can call to reserve tickets: 323-253-9087
Please leave a message with your name and how many tickets you need.

Come to get your tickets early, for they usually sell out!
We look forward to seeing you in Redlands this month.

MFSA ON THE QUAD - Food, Drinks, Books and Justice


This year we are even more determined to make sure that the link is clear between food and justice issues.  Following are some of the ways we plan to do this. You can get involved with the volunteer opportunities in lavender - if you can help, please contact Susan Stouffer - or 213-748-0209.  

We have researched bottled water companies that have the least impact on water supplies and materials.  We will also be offering cold water for donations as an outreach of hospitality and welcoming the stranger - with information on projects such as Humane Borders which offers water to those trying to cross the desert in deadly heat. 

1) You can help by volunteering to keep the water dispenser full of water from the buildings at Redlands.

2) You can help by buying some Fair Trade  items and donating them to the Food booth - make sure to look for the Fair Trade symbol on each product. 
Here are some suggestions:

- Honest Tea
- Steaz Drinks
- Coffee
- Chocolate flavors of Lara Bars
- Earth University dried fruit snacks

3) You can also work on Food Justice by researching products with good labor, sustainability, organic, local etc. criteria and writing back to us with suggestions.

4) Your help is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL IN STAFFING the Food and Justice Booth each day - even if you can only help during part of a shift, or on a break, please let us know!

Suggested Volunteer Time Slots at the Food and Justice Booth:

6:30am - 8:30am  Setup and Coffee Making
8:30am - 11:30am
11:30am - 2:30pm
2:30pm - 5:30 pm
5:30pm - 7:30pm  Close down booth

5)  We will also need chairs for the booths and coolers, as well as people who can make runs to Costco for ice and supplies periodically. 

Thanks for helping make our Food and Justice Booth happen!

Contact Susan Stouffer - or 213-748-0209. 


Book Donations Wanted!

In an effort to support the work of MFSA and education in the Philippines, please take some time before Annual Conference to clean out books and bring them for our joint Book Booth!

If anyone is retiring and/or downsizing, or just cleaning out the garage or attic, this is the perfect outlet to liberate many of those book

And be sure stop by the tables, do some browsing and pick up a bargain you won't find anywhere else.

Contact Susan Stouffer - or 213-748-0209. 

 About Rev. Jim Conn
(from the website of CLUE-LA:, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice)

Rev. Jim Conn starts things. If it isn’t a new social service project, he’s stirring up trouble somewhere else. Throughout his adult life it’s been social justice or politics or human services. One of his life-long friends calls him “an entrepreneur of the social sector.” Others just think he is crazy, but it’s all rooted in his faith commitment.

When “church” in Southern California was a pretty buttoned-down affair, Conn started “The Church in Ocean Park” – an intentionally secular-styled multi-tradition community of seekers – people who had given up on church but still wanted some way to tap into their deep faith roots. His own journey into faith-based activism started well before then.

As a seminary student who had avoided the draft, Conn led fellow students to the sidewalks of LA, supporting young men resisting the draft during Vietnam. While on an internship year from seminary with the CORO Foundation, he co-directed a 54-hour immersion into the city called The Urban Plunge. Later he led a caravan of 200 cars to Coachella Valley to support the Farm Workers, and it was there that he was arrested the first time.

His most recent civil disobedience joined employees of UCLA hospital in blocking the region’s busiest intersection. In between he has been arrested in non-violent civil disobedience demonstrations more times than he can count. He was the first mayor in America arrested at the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada – an action that rejuvenated national focus on closing that facility.

Conn was elected mayor of the city of Santa Monica after serving six years on the Council and at a time when council members were deeply divided between pro- and anti-rent control advocates. He was swept into office as a council member when a pro-rent control majority took charge of the city – the result of his work co-founding Santa Monicans for Renter’s Rights, a grass-roots political and economic reform movement that set a new direction for the city of Santa Monica and launched a beachhead for progressive electoral politics in Southern California.

The base of the political reform movement grew from the network of social services that Conn founded, revitalized or incubated within the walls of the Church in Ocean Park. In his lifetime, he has initiated or helped incorporate some 25 non-profit organizations providing services to homeless people, mentally ill homeless women, runaway youth, and nursery-aged children of low-income families. He has nurtured a poverty law office, a medical self-help clinic for women, after-school learning centers and food pantries. He served as the founding Chair of the LA Homeless Services Authority of the City and County of Los Angeles, a regional agency setting public policy and making funding decisions about programs addressing the problem of homelessness.

In addition to his ministry at the Church in Ocean Park, Conn created the position of “Urban Strategy” for the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church. In 10 years he raised $10 million and coached churches into starting a dozen social service projects to reach more deeply into their neighborhoods. Since 1998, Conn has been a member of the National Teaching Faculty of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute based at Northwestern University in Chicago.

For the five years leading to his retirement in July 2010, Conn directed the Office of New Ministries for the California-Pacific Conference where he was responsible for starting new churches and supervising the work of Urban Ministries and Latino Ministries.

Conn is married to Ms. Susan McCorry, a Master Gardener, certificated by the University of California. Her daughter practices psychotherapy in Southern California, and his son mixes sound in venues and for film in New York City. They have two grandchildren.

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