Whatcha doing  June 16 - 19?  If you said nothing, do we have opportunities for you!  June 16 - 19 is our California-Pacific Annual Conference meeting at Redlands.  At Annual Conference this year there are so many opportunities to do the work of helping build the kin-dom of Justice and Peace, from volunteering to voting!  

This annual conference is critically important. We will be making decisions that will affect not only our churches, but our communities and our world. Our resolutions will enable us to be more effective as we seek to be the hands, mind and heart of Jesus in the world today. We will be electing General Conference delegates who will make theological and moral decisions about the UMC.

MFSA has reserved the Oche Tamale Room for Dinner time on Wednesday and Saturday, and lunch on Friday (bring your own food) for strategizing and otherwise communicating. Of course, you can also reach us at the MFSA booth.

Come join us at Redlands - even if only for a little while.

Moving forward in justice within the UMC, and though the UMC to the world,  

Janet Gollery McKeithen, President
California-Pacific Chapter
Methodist Federation
for Social Action


We hope to hear from you soon about getting involved with MFSA and our presence for justice at Annual Conference.

For Food Booth and Book Tables Information, please contact Susan Stouffer -
or 213-748-0209. 

For help with and questions about legislation,
please contact Mary Larson

To reserve tickets for the Annual Luncheon, call Theresa Basile at 323-253-9087, or email to

For general questions and offers of help to MFSA, contact Janet McKeithen -
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California-Pacific Annual Conference
Session 2012

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1. A Cal-Pac Update Report on AC 2012

2. From our conference Registrar:
Resources from AC 2012
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1.  Annual Conference Session 2012
A Cal-Pac Update Report

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

With the sounding of a Pacific Islander conch shell, the California-Pacific Annual Conference assembled once again on the campus of the University of Redlands, California, June 14-17. Retiring Bishop Mary Ann Swenson called to order the 28th Session of the Conference, and the 161st since the organization of the Pacific Conference in 1851. She was accompanied in leading worship and in presiding by conference residents Bishop Jordan (retired,) Bishop Shamana (retired, and who previously served on Conference staff,) and special guest, retired Bishop Melvin Talbert, originally a superintendent of the Long Beach district, and who, as Bishop in the Pacific-Northwest Conference, appointed the Rev. Swenson as a district superintendent. The Session was marked throughout by video clips of Bishop Mary Ann’s various escapades during her assignment in the Conference.
 The first full plenary began with a report of the General Conference delegates, each one reflecting on their experience at General Conference. The report concluded with the delegation’s call to “Be the Hope,” based on the preamble to the Social Principles of the U.M.C., and including a commitment to “freely extend all the ministries of the church to all God’s children.” In response, Rev. John Woodall, pastor of Westwood U.M.C., recalled the history of Bishop Melvin Wheatley, formerly the pastor of Westwood for 20 years, who was the first Bishop to speak openly for the inclusion of all persons in the U.M.C., regardless of sexual orientation. He spoke of “the need to see The Book of Discipline through the eyes of Jesus, and not Jesus through The Book of Discipline,” and affirmed the delegation’s call to “Be the Hope.” The Session later re-affirmed the Western Jurisdiction’s 2004 “We Will Not Be Silent” statement, calling “local churches to make clear their willingness to support and celebrate a pastor who is “out” concerning her or his sexual identity.” (Available at )
 The General Conference report was followed by a learning plenary with keynoter Erin Hawkins, General Secretary of the General Commission on Religion and Race Erin Hawkins, who was raised in the Los Angeles District. Drawing from Walter Brueggemann’s “Journey to the Common Good,” she described challenges to today’s church:  “When the church rehearses the world’s practice of scarcity, then it has failed in its mission. When the church recreates societal systems of fear-based decision- making and coercive action in the name of survival it has failed in its mission. The church must be the prophetic voice that argues against the claim of scarcity and stands unapologetically for the common good.” She then outlined how the church can counteract these by focusing on gifts, abundance and “associational living.” (The entire address can be found at
 The daily business of the conference was balanced by full worship each evening. The lives and ministries of 13 clergy and 12 clergy spouses were celebrated in the Memorial-Communion Service; 15 retirees were recognized with good humor and sincere appreciation and the music of the Revelation Youth Choir from Custer Road UMC of Plano, Texas; one clergy family infant (squealing) was baptized; and one person was commissioned Deacon, two were ordained Deacon; there were 7 commissioned as Elders, and 9 ordained to full Elder. Bishop Melvin Talbert (retired) preached the ordination sermon, titled “Do the Right Thing.” After recalling his own experience as a young pastor in the conference, as well as the recent history of the church, he concluded by reciting his post-General Conference invitation to “An Act of Biblical Obedience,” saying “I call on the more than 1,100 clergy who have signed pledges to stand firm in their resolve to perform marriages between same-sex couples in the normal course of their pastoral duties, thus defying our church laws which prohibit them from doing so.” He concluded with, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare you to “Take Thou Authority”, and “Do The Right Thing.” And remember this: you are called by God; and you are confirmed and sent by your church. There will be times when you will be called and challenged to choose between God and your church, because your church does not always “Do The Right Thing.” (The full sermon may be found at
 In closing business, Rev. Jan Wiley, chair of the Episcopacy Committee, led in the recognition of Bishop Swenson’s 12 years of service in Cal-Pac, including gifts of folding patio chairs for the Bishop and her husband Jeff, gift certificates to Disneyland, and over $25,000 of water projects reflecting the Bishop’s “You are welcome to drink at this fountain” justice and relief initiative. In addition, young people on site raised over $1,200 for Imagine No Malaria in her honor.
 Bishop Swenson concluded the Session with a Service of Sending including the traditional reading of every clergy appointment using the four new districts plus Hawaii approved by the Session, which were composed from the previous eight. She also preached, saying that “People looked to Jesus, because Jesus looked for what God was looking for—justice, compassion, the kingdom come.” A luncheon followed, featuring southern cuisine and multiple speakers celebrating the Bishop’s Episcopal leadership in the conference and denominationally. She will retire September 1st, and begin service as the Ecumenical Officer of the Council of Bishops.
 Total membership stands at 77,799*  down 2369 from the prior year; average worship attendance is 41,934, down 5,617.

 *Does not include three churches who have not filed their reports: one each in Hawaii, Riverside and Santa Ana districts. 

1.  From Jennifer Gaylord, Cal-Pac Conference Registrar

Conference Website Updated

The Conference's website and Annual Conference webpage have been updated with information from the Session, including the 2012 Summary as submitted to the United Methodist News Service:

    •     Conference website
    •    Annual Conference Session webpage   
    •    Conference Secretary (UM Dailies, legislation, etc.)

Conference DVDs for Sale

by Jennifer Gaylord, Database Manager (
The  Annual Conference Media Team is selling videos of the Session. For an order form, go to the Cal-Pac website at and click on the menu option in the lower left corner. Or go directly to a printed order form by clicking here. Sales support Media Team expenses, a group of volunteers who sacrifice time, vacation, and financially to make our time in Redlands together possible.

To review which sections of the Session you might want to order, please refer to the online video archives (without commercials for a limited time) 

(Copy the following addresses and paste them into your browser to view these videos:)

    •     Memorial and Communion Serivce

    •    Friday early morning worship
    •    Friday Plenary 2 & 3 / Learning Plenary
    •    Friday Plenary 3 Conclusion
    •    Friday afternoon Plenary 4
    •    Friday evening Retirement Service & Revelation Youth Choir
    •    Saturday morning Plenary (no number)
    •    Saturday morning Plenary 5
    •    Saturday afternoon Plenary 6
    •    Saturday afternoon Young Voices worship
    •    Saturday evening Ordination of Elders & Deacons and Commissioning
    •    Sunday morning Plenary 7
    •    Sunday morning Closing Worship

Save The Date - the 2013 Session 

During the Sunday morning plenary, the facilitator of the Sessions Management Team, Rev. Lew Fry, announced that the 2013 Session of the California-Pacific Annual Conference will be held at the  

University of Redlands  
 June 13 - 16, 2013

Please reserve these dates for the Session on your calendar now.

In Gratitude to the 2012 Worship Team

We are grateful to God and to the many people of God who work together beginning in September, to create meaningful and inspirational worship at our Annual Conference Session. As this year's session came to a close, we express our gratitude to significant leaders in the experience of worship at our Annual Conference Session:
To our Annual Conference Musician Greg Norton for his countless hours of planning and preparing and then leading us in music all week long!
To Our Worship Planners Karin Ellis, Susan Oeffler, Cheryl Reagan, Greg Norton, Mary Scifres, & Sue D'Alessio and our Ordination Worship Planner Sharon Rhodes-Wickett
To our Visual Artists Susan Oeffler and Sue D'Alessio and their assistant Cheryl Reagan
To our Worship Writers Mary Scifres, Karin Ellis, and Mark Wiley and our Vietnamese translator Bau Dang
To our Worship Design Team Chair Mary Scifres
To our Early Morning Worship Coordinator Dwight Sullivan and early morning worship leaders Eugene Han, Jonathon Lee, Nelson Castorillo, Deborah Gillen, Wesley Putnam, Dwight Sullivan, and Bishop Mary Ann Swenson
To our Bishops Mary Ann Swenson, Melvin G. Talbert, Beverly Shamana and Charles Jordan and our District Superintendents Cathleen Coots, Cedrick Bridgeforth, Tom Choi, Adiel DePano, Bau Dang, Kathey Michelle Wilborn, and Myron Wingfield for leading us in worship throughout the week.
To our Liturgists Piula Ala'ilima, Cherie Jones, Joel Hortiales, Ken Ellis, Phil and Connee Freeman, Mary Decker, Nestor Gerente, Anna Mulford, Karen Ristine, Derek Nakano, Moonyoung Kathryn Lee, Keri Olsen, Colleen Windham-Hughes, Hieu Duc Phan, C. Michele Johns, Doug Williams, Melissa MacKinnon, Howard Makakaufaki, Steve Peralta, Barbara Hamilton, Karin Ellis, Jan Hansen, Margaret Crawford Jordan, Ken McMillan, Krystle Wheeler, Mele Maka, Tonya Harris, Frank Wulf, Teresa Santillana, Patricia Farris, Bill Johnson, Molly Vetter, Ana-Haydee Urda, Leanne Nakanishi, Judy Chung, and JoAnn Fukumoto
To our Conch Shell musician Miki Fifita
To our hula dancers from the Hawaii District: Becky Choi, Sierra and Marina Choi, JoAnn Fukumoto, Jane Hinrichs, and Collette Anderson
To Greg Norton and our wonderful Conference Choir
To Mission Community UMC of Rosemead Praise Team led by John Oh, Holliston UMC Worship Team, Bell Memorial UMC Choir of Rowland Heights, and the Revelation Youth Choir of Custer Road UMC and song leaders James Dollins, Sue D'Alessio, and Mary Scifres for sharing their talents and ministry of music in worship this week
To Ordination musicians Greg Norton, John West, David Scott, David Etterbeek, Jordan Robison, Stew Undem, and Bruce Anderson
To Strength for the Journey retreat leaders and participants for offering healing and anointing during our Memorial Communion Service on Thursday night.
To Stage Managers extraordinaire Eva Thai-Erwin and Robert English
To our patient and enduring volunteers on video and sound, led by John Demaree, Judy Weaver, and Scott Wolverton
To our screen artist Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions and our amazing screen visual crew Judy Lewis and Gary Wintergerst
To Head Usher Josephine Liava'a and her gentle, efficient usher team!




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