In 2006, our national Board of Directors
identified four areas of priority for MFSA:

- Peace
- Poverty
- People's Rights

- Progressive Initiatives

The focus of Cal-Pac MFSA reflects these priorities,
with a few additional issues that command
our serious attention and action.

Listed below are a few examples of the many ways
that we fulfill these priorities,
both national MFSA and the Cal-Pac affiliate.


 Ending the Iraq War 

MFSA is a sponsoring member of Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, helping to organize national peace events in Washington DC at the National Cathedral and to conduct an internet campaign to build support in the faith community for ending the war in Iraq.

MFSA brought the exhibit "Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War" to the 2008 General Conference. This widely-acclaimed AFSC exhibition features pairs of boots honoring U.S. military casualties and a field of shoes plus a Wall of Remembrance to memorialize the Iraqis killed in the conflict.

Cal-Pac MFSA has worked closely with many groups in our region to support large actions of opposition to the war. We will continue to support these and to keep our community informed of opportunities to help end this war and all wars.

 Nonviolence Training 

In the spirit of Gandhi's statement - we must BE the change we want to see in the world - MFSA sponsors “Creating A Culture of Peace” nonviolence training and action seminars across the nation.

This seminar came to our Cal-Pac Conference twice in recent years. And the Cal-Pac MFSA would like to bring it back - please contact us about your interest in hosting or taking this nonviolence seminar:

 Palestine and Israel 

MFSA promotes a just and lasting settlement to the conflict in the Middle East through nonviolent action.  MFSA is urging UM Agencies to selectively divest in companies that benefit from the occupation of Palestine.

MFSA has organized MENUM: Middle East Network of United Methodists, who have provided excellent resources for understanding the issues in that region and helping to resolve them - all found at the home page of MFSA's national website: (Tip: Look for the special MENUM tab, near the top of the home page.)

Cal-Pac MFSA leaders and members are deeply involved in the struggle for a just peace between Palestine and Israel. Sandra Olewine, long-time UM Liaison to Jerusalem and a member of the Cal-Pac Conference (who is leading an exciting new church startup in Long Beach!), has advised and assisted Cal-Pac MFSA in key resolutions passed at Annual Conference.


 Workers’ Rights  

Since our founding in 1907 - when we wrote the first Social Creed in America to address crucial issues for American workers - MFSA has supported the rights of workers to make a living wage, and to work under safe and humane conditions. Our advocacy throughout the twentieth century has significantly helped to change the laws of the nation and improve the lives of Americans for generations to come.

Cal-Pac MFSA has provided vital United Methodist support to major labor campaigns in our region and has worked actively to improve the conditions and wages for workers in several industries, both in Hawaii and Southern California. We have partnered on numerous initiatives with LAANE (Los Angeles Association for a New Economy) and CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice).

 Budget Priorities 

MFSA advocates for adequate funding for housing, healthcare and education in the belief that security cannot be gained through military might.

Cal-Pac MFSA has worked closely with California Church IMPACT in Sacramento to achieve a more humane state budget in California.

(IMPACT credited our resolution "The Budget is a Moral Document," passed by the Cal-Pac Annual Conference, with affecting the actions of at least 9 legislators during an intense budget debate in the state legislature.)


 Full inclusion 

MFSA is working for a church and society that are fully inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons; our work is coordinated with a broad coalition - Reconciling Ministries Network, Affirmation, and Church Within a Church (see our Useful Links page for websites of these groups).

Cal-Pac MFSA has worked closely with Cal-Pac Reconciling Ministries and many others in our conference, bringing petitions from the Cal-Pac Conference to General Conference for crucial changes needed in the Book of Discipline. We played a key role in our conference becoming a "Welcoming Conference," and we brought the resolutions regarding same-gender marriage to annual conference in 2008, which when passed, became headline news around the country.

 Dismantling Racism 

MFSA led the denomination's movement for divestment from South Africa in the era of apartheid there. Throughout the US Civil Rights movement, MFSA provided a Methodist component at sit-in's, marches, and many other actions to end segregation and discrimination in our nation.  Today MFSA continues to work for the eradication of racism in the UMC. 

MFSA today actively supports the work of the General Commission on Religion and Race, and has joined other progressive UM groups to explore the intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation and class.

Racial and ethnic diversity are a high priority for Cal-Pac MFSA when we are developing and proposing our slates of candidates to be delegates to Jurisdictional and General Conferences, or to be elected leaders in the Cal-Pac Conference.

 The Rights of Women 

MFSA championed the right of women to be ordained in the United Methodist Church and continues to work closely with the UM Commission on the Status and Rights of Women (COSROW).

Cal-Pac MFSA also has worked closely with Cal-Pac COSROW for the election of diverse progressive leaders and delegates for our conference.


 Coalition Building 

MFSA is strengthening and building a progressive movement of United Methodists through our dynamic Voices of Faith national conferences that are held every 2 years and through extensive organizing at Annual, Jurisdictional, and General Conferences. We lead a coalition of progressive UMs every four years at General Conference, coordinating essential advocacy work there and at Jurisdictional conferences.

Cal-Pac MFSA is very experienced in coalition building, within the church and beyond. We have built working relations with CLUE, Progressive Christians Uniting, ICUJP and others in our area. In 2008, we are organizing the "No on Prop 8" Campaign together with Reconciling Ministries, the Cal-Pac Conference Response Committee on Welcoming and others.

 Monitoring Conservative Movements in the UMC 

MFSA raises awareness around activities of radically conservative movements within the UMC, some of which are actively pursuing the option of a schism within the UMC. MFSA played a key role in publishing the ground-breaking book: United Methodism@Risk.


  - reproductive choice

Cal-Pac MFSA is proud to be a member organization of RCRC-LA, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  MFSA stands with other faith groups that fully support reproductive choice, and continues to work for the protection of that right in the UMC and the nation.

  - environmental stewardship

Cal-Pac MFSA members care deeply about environmental issues and Cal-Pac MFSA has presented valuable workshops on this subject by informed community leaders at our annual meetings. Through our website, we also monitor and provide information on many environmental actions, both national and regional.


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